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You can set stop loss and take profit limits to secure your trading profits and limit your losses. Therefore, no token mirrored in the platform represents equity, collective investment agreements, what is social trade transferable security or any other type of security. Have you ever imagined having gains with your invested capital without knowing how to make trades and without having to…

social trading platform

Unbiased zero-knowledge proof privacy and confidentiality technology protects user privacy. Based on security designs such as multiple signatures, offline signatures, and layered architecture, it uses mature cold and hot wallet separation technologies. Build communities, directly connect customers, make traditional business management more open, and achieve a wider range of business connections. Now, our operation center include China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong as centre. More importantly, we are trying to provide a comprehensive service for our clients including media service, group operation, group transaction, online and offline activities in Asian countries and globally. Present your clients with a service that’s a cut above a standard broker’s offer for traders.

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If this is the case, you’ll want to ensure that the platform is right for your trading goals before you open an account. A source of useful information about our products and services. There is a table in settings where you can specify in which group the account type that should be opened by default.

social trading platform

Although AI trading does come with its benefits, it’s a lot more risk-averse to stick with traditional copy trading services. All social trading platforms are in the business of making money. As such, you need to explore what fees you will be liable for before you open an account. The platform essentially sits between you and your chosen broker.

J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing

This means that you cannot open a sell position in an asset you have a long position in without fully or partially liquidating the original position. You must also link your MT5 account through your online broker. I find the TradeCrowd platform to be easier to use and more responsive than the other platforms I have used. A developer of turnkey technological solutions for brokers from over the world, Brokeree Solutions, has introduced a new version of its Social Trading platform. Simply upload your account credentials to the platform and your accounts will be hosted securely in the cloud 24/7. Once you have accounts added you can utilise the platform in many ways.

Social trading platforms are usually provided by retail brokers. Leaders recommend trades – they must show a track record and describe their trading techniques. Some social trading networks have millions of followers and provide many social trading tools.

Trade CFDs on Stocks, Crypto & More

In addition to advanced trading tools, MT4 also offers social trading features. At the forefront of this is the ability to copy other traders that are using the MT4 platform. For example, if you’re looking to trade currencies in a completely passive nature, FXTM allows you to filter your search by the asset class – in this case, that’s forex. FXTM is primarily an online trading platform that specializes in forex and CFDs. Regarding the latter, this includes stocks, indices, commodities, and more.

  • Brokeree’s support team works around the clock to assist multi-asset brokers in installing, configuring, and maintaining their Social Trading solutions.
  • Simplify the way you manage your portfolio by automating your trading strategy.
  • Nvstr also offers access to Capital IQ investment information free of charge to all account holders, and accounts come with no minimum initial investment.
  • Although the two terms are used interchangeable, there is a slight difference in what they refer to.
  • Learn the ins and outs of technical trading, charts, as well as how the economy works.
  • Type of fee that is paid independently from trading activity or profit made.

This flexibility ensures all conditions to promptly react to market changes and comfortably control the trading process on all connected accounts and servers. At Brokeree Solutions, we know that brokers rely on the software’s stability and robust performance, especially for large trading volumes. Don’t forget, you can add and remove assets to and from your social trading portfolio on eToro, so you always maintain full control over your investment funds. But, if you want to get the full social trading experience, you might want to tick the ‘Copy Open Trades’ box. This means that you will also be copying the ‘current’ portfolio of the trader.

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Copy trading can be used as more than just an investments instrument. Beginners can copy positions and analyze when, where and why the master made a trade. History uploader allows you to create, save and edit public statistics performance. With this tool you have full control over your leaderboard and can launch sales and marketing to investors straight after launch. Hence, the logic of the back-office infrastructure is the same as for MetaTrader server in that there is only one admin panel, but several manager’s accounts for each white label.

However, your money managers have the option to show or hide accounts from the leaderboard. One or more may lose money, whereas successful ones will profit and compensate for the losses. It’s the same risk control approach that applies with stock trading. The investment platform is stand-alone from MT4/5 server software and installed on a separate server connected via manager’s API. The key aspects to consider when choosing a broker for social trading is the availability of this feature. Make sure you always select a broker that is licensed or overseen by a top-tier regulator, such as the SEC in the US, the FCA in the UK or BaFin in Germany.

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You can copy on master accounts positions from good traders as well as those from losing clients, but in reverse mode. However, in our investment platform you can create a master account for the leaderboard and make it a slave to any other client privately in the admin panel. With our platform, your clients can set a risk limit for their investments and feel safe and calm. A less stressful experience will earn the trust of your clients.

The best investment product for the retail market

Portfolio optimization, correlation analysis, a trading bot for rebalancing strategies, backtest a trading strategy, social portfolios are all tools for an effective crypto portfolio. Holderlab analyzes from 5,000 to 50,000 portfolios in search of an optimal cryptocurrency portfolio. You can find the optimal weights of your cryptocurrency portfolio with an efficient frontier tool. You can choose a calendar rebalancing setting time period, or rebalancing by deviation by selecting threshold rebalancing , or use they together! Holderlab have one of the most largest Bitcoin cryptocurrency base for crypto trading. Holderlab save more than 336 hours on manual rebalancing of assets annually.

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